Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hello !

Greetings !
... and welcome to my pages.

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Ralph Montcalm. I am a pilot. A captain in the Royal Caledon Air Force, to be precise.

I was born into an old Caledonian family. My father is from the cadet branch of the Marquis Montcalm, and descendant of Admiral Jean-Alexandre Montcalm who had such a great role in establishing a large number of colonies. My mother died shortly after my younger brother, Harlow, was born.

Despite not being entitled to inherit the title, my father, Roger Montcalm, used to be a successful businessman in several branches of industry and was able to build an impressive fortune and being recognized as an influential member of the many communities he was part of. Unfortunately financial disaster hit badly in recent years. Tax rises together with some unfortunate investments brought the family to the edge of bankruptcy. All the properties had to be sold, at a great loss. My father moved to a small rental property on mainland, near mother's relatives, an unremarkable plot near the Korean canal.

I spent most of my youth growing up in the country family Cottage in the North of Winterfell. They say that magic is more common than steam in Northern Winterfell, and I am not going to comment on that :) . In any case, I loved the feeling there.

I graduated from the Oxbridge University. Those were fun, even if unremarkable, years. I remember with fondness my friendship with Mordecai Watson during those years, and I do miss his friendship, even if I cannot forgive him for the actions that took us on separate paths.

Unlike Harlow, I was never particularly fond of the family business, not even the airship branch that was one of the most important. Actually flying had never interested me too much during my younger years so, after graduation, I reached an agreement with my father to complete my education traveling the world and exploring lands and seas. Father told me that he hoped that, at least, my interests in new people and costumes would help the family enlarge the network of acquaintances.

So I started my travelling years. But that story is for next time

See you soon


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  1. How nice to learn something of your background, Ralph. I have been most curious. I look forward to learning more about you and your travels!